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The Gravity Forms 2.5 Demo gives you the whole 2.5 experience - check out the beautiful new form editor, find out how easy it is to design and customize forms with advanced column control and enhanced markup and styles, and create accessible forms that will benefit your audience.

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Contact Form Preview Contact Form

Convenient for your visitors to complete, this simple contact form ensures you capture only the most essential information.

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Advanced Contact Form Preview Advanced Contact Form

Collect all the information you need from your site visitors with this user-friendly contact form.

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Request a Quote Form Preview Request a Quote Form

Use this form to start a discourse with future clients. Collect the right information from your visitors so you can provide reliable quotes.

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Employment Application Form Preview Employment Application Form

Find the right people for the job with this professional employment application form.

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User Registration Form Preview User Registration Form

Register users on your WordPress website with this stylish user registration from.

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Survey Form Preview Survey Form

Survey your audience to get feedback on a product, service, or experience and collect the information that you need.

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Donation Form Preview Donation Form

Ideal for nonprofit organizations, this donation form will enable you to easily collect donations on your website.

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eCommerce Form Preview eCommerce Form

This ecommerce form a great example of how to use Gravity Forms to accept payments on your website.

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Event Registration Form Preview Event Registration Form

Customizable to suit any event, you can use this form to register participants and accept registration payments.

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